Presentation: Psychology of Design

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Presentation: Psychology of Design

Throughout the past year I’ve given a variant of a UX-themed talk called Psychology of Design. I gave this talk a number of events and conferences, which are listed below.


The human brain is so complex that understanding it has proven to be arguably the greatest challenge of modern science. It exhibits patterns that are integral to how we perceive and process information, which we’ve evolved for survival over thousands of years. An understanding of these patterns is fundamental to designing human-centered experiences, and we can use established principles from psychology to guide us. Instead of forcing users to conform to the design of a product or experience, we can use this knowledge to design for how people actually are.

In this talk, I’ll take a look at how designers can leverage psychology to build more intuitive, human-centred products and experiences. I share my project Laws of UX and show how we can use some guiding principles from psychology to design for how people actually are, examine several examples of these principles in action, and explore how these principles relate to ethics and design decisions.

You can view the slides from this talk here.