Boingo Wireless

A website design introducing new wireless services provided by the 2013 acquisition of Endeka, an end-to-end wireless internet services provider and managed services operator.

Role Design, UX

Boingo Wireless Homepage

About the Project

Upon the 2013 acquisition of Endeka, I was part of a team tasked to design a website for the Boingo family that incorporated the new services. Our goal was to maintain the visual identity of Boingo while highlighting the new services inherited by Endeka.

My Role

I guided design and UX as part of a small team at Motive and ensured that the website retained visual consistency within the Boingo family.

Boingo Wireless Mobile-First


Many of the Boingo Endeka’s users would be accessing the site via a mobile device, therefore it was imperative that the site be optimized for mobile and take the specific needs of mobile users into heavy consideration.

Boingo Wireless Internet
Form Detail

Rich Interactive Forms

As the user chooses the options associated with their selected plan, a summary of their options appears in the sidebar. This provides a clear history of what has been selected throughout the process for the user.

Boingo Wireless Form Page