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Demly connects businesses with professional, affordable designers to create a more efficient and rewarding method of leveraging design for their businessĀ needs. I was engaged by Demly to design the service end-to-end, from the public-facing website to the product dashboard, project workspace and blog.

Role Design, Front-End Development, UX

Demly Homepage and Dashboard

The Challenge

The challenge when facing the task of designing a product as complex as Demly can be daunting. With so many moving parts, it is quite difficult to ensure the experience is cohesive and that interactions are well considered, compelling and manageable.

My Solution

My solution to the challenge of designing Demly was to approach the phases of it's evolution incrementally: starting with user-flows to obtain an understanding of the service, I then built wireframes to support my understanding. After several rounds of iteration, I had a concise representation of the experience which was then leveraged when building a brand aesthetic and finally an interactive front-end.

Demly User-flow
Demly Wire-frames

Initial Design Discovery

Once a solid understanding of the service was defined through user-flows and wireframes, I began to explore ways in which the service could come to life visually. While much of the visual components created during this phase were discarded, some stuck around and were gradually evolved into a cohesive design system.

Demly Initial Design

Cohesive Design System

Through iteration and refinement, a design system emerged that effectively expressed what Demly is all about.

Demly Homepage
Demly Dashboard Products
Demly Project Workspace

Flexible UI

A key feature of the Demly dashboard and project workspace isĀ it’s flexible UI, which allows it to be accessible via any device. This adaptability ensures that a user can engage the service continuously and with ease, whether its in the office or during the commute, etc.

Demly Dashboard
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