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In an industry as fast-paced as web design, keeping track of the latest trends, techniques and tools is crucial. I created the Web Field Manual to help with this task by collecting only the best knowledge in a concise and easy-to-navigate format for designers working on web-related projects.

Role Design, Front-End Development, UX

Web Field Manual


The Web Field Manual began as a simple presentation intended to share some insight after attending a design & development conference in 2014. I quickly realized that it would be much more valuable if made accessible via the web, and so I began to compile additional resources, articles and knowledge to bring together in a more curated format.


Collaboration has been a key factor in the growth of the Web Field Manual. Fellow designer Garrett Wieronski has played a key role in the evolution of the project and created the logo, illustrator Geoff Tice created the iconography used throughout the site, and the community at large has been vital in growing the collection of resources.

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Curated Content

Each section features a list of resources related to the topic and links to the respective resource, as well as relevant tips and quotes if appropriate.

Easily Accessible Menu

Categories are quickly accessible at any time, making it easy for the user to navigate sections and find relevant resources.

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