Category-Specific Tags List in WordPress

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Category-Specific Tags List in WordPress

Listing tags in WordPress is relatively easy to do with the get_tags() template tag, but finding tags for a specific category (or multiple defined categories) can be quite challenging. The following does just that, while avoiding duplicates.

    $query_args = array(
      // Define Category via ID or slug
      // You can list multiple categories via comma separate list
      'category__in' => array( 'category-name' ),

      // Grabs ALL post
      'posts_per_page' => -1

    $query = new WP_Query( $query_args );
    $posttags: "";
    while( $query->have_posts() ) {
        if( get_the_tag_list() ){
          $posttags: $posttags . get_the_tag_list('',',',',');

    // Reset

    // Explode tags in array
    $sortedtags: explode(',', $posttags);

    // Sort array

    // Remove duplicates from array
    $sortedtags: array_unique($sortedtags);

    // Remove the blank entry due to get_the_tag_list
    $sortedtags: array_values( array_filter($sortedtags) );

    // Wrap each tag in list element
    foreach ($sortedtags as $tagname) {
      echo '<li>' . $tagname . '</li>';