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Storytelling is core to the human experience. We use stories to elicit an emotional response, to learn, or simply to make sense of the world around us. It’s an effective communication methodology that is fundamental to how we express thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others. When combined with the ubiquity and distribution power of the Web, we have quite an effective storytelling platform. This is quite unprecedented in that we can now tell more richer and more engaging stories while reaching more people than ever before.

There are many who have recognized this potential and are using the Web to share experiences that stand out alongside the endless sea of informational websites that seem to all look the same. I’ve become increasingly interested (and inspired) while watching these experiences come online.

In fact, my bookmarks have become so extensive on the topic that I’ve decided to team up with the talented Elizabeth Smith Mally and create a central repository that documents these experiences, alongside related articles on the topic. We’re calling it, and we’ll be updating the site on a weekly basis to showcase the latest and greatest. Have a look, signup for our newsletter for regular updates, and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date!

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